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French / American Jazz Exchange Grant Project

French pianist and composer Cedric Hanriot will collaborate with American trumpeter Jason Palmer along with drummer Clarence Penn, saxaphonist Donny McCaslin and bassist Michael Janisch in a musical homage to the work of science fiction writer Dan Simmons. Hanriot and Palmer composed a suite of three movements using seven distinct melodies based on the famed "7 modes of limited transportation" created by influential French composer Olivier Messiaen to translate Simmon’s stories into original and improvisational music.   The project includes masterclasses and concerts in France and in the United States as well as in the U.K. and a live recording of the new compositions on the Whirlwind Recordings label.

The French American Jazz Grant is made possible by


The Public Option

The Public Option is my working band in Boston. We are resident artists at Historic Wally's Cafe on Fridays and Saturdays. We've performed in venues throughout New England and in New York City.

My second solo recording Nothing to Hide features my 2010 working band.

Current Members:

Jason Palmer, trumpet
Luke Marantz, piano
Jared Henderson, bass
Lee Fish, drums


Grace Kelly Quintet

I've been playing with Grace Kelly since 2008. We tour frequently and have a great time making music together.

Current Members

Grace Kelly, saxophone
Jason Palmer, trumpet
Pete McCann, guitar, ukulele
Evan Gregor, bass
Jordan Perlson, drums


Round Trip Trio

Paris based Trio that I have toured with yearly in the spring since 2011.
Our most recent tour was April 2012.

Round Trip Trio Members

Bruno Angelini, piano
Mauro Gargano, bass
Julien Augier, drums

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin & Mississippi Moonchile

An adventuresome sextet lead by the forward-thinking altoist Matana Roberts!

Current Members

Matana Robert, alto, voice
Jason Palmer, trumpet
Jeremiah Abiah, voice
Shoko Nagai, piano
Thomson Kneeland, bass
Tomas Fujiwara, drums

Dan Blake's Aquarian Suite

Awesome quartet of challenging, fun, interactive compostions by leader Dan Blake! .

Current Members

Dan Blake, tenor
Jason Palmer, trumpet
Jorge Roeder, bass
Richie Barshay, drums

Michael Janisch

Post Pic

Purpose Built Project

Michael Janisch, bass
Jason Palmer, trumpet
Paul Booth, tenor
Jim Hart, vibes
Clarence Penn, drums
Jochen Rueckert, drums

Paradigm Shift

Michael Janisch, bass
Jason Palmer, trumpet
Paul Booth, tenor
Leo Genovese, piano
David Lyttle, drums
Colin Stranahan, drums

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